You have ordered your products, and are eager for them to arrive. But how long exactly does it take for them to reach you?


1. As soon as your payment has been approved, we will mark your order as “Completed” and you will receive your tracking number – this does NOT mean your parcel has been sent yet.


2. Every afternoon, the courier company comes to collect the parcels from our warehouse, and they are then sent to the depot closest to you


3. As soon as your package is scanned in at your closest depot, you will receive the 1st of 3 SMS’s.


4. They then send the package out for delivery from the depot and send you the 2nd SMS to let you know it is on its way to you


5. The 3d and final SMS is one that tells you who your driver is, and what time they will be at your door.


From the time that it is scanned in at your nearest depot, it will take 2 – 4 workdays until it reaches you.

Please note that if you are in an outlying area, the delivery time might be slightly longer. It depends on how often and on which days your area is serviced.