You are not obliged to maintain a bookkeeping system for our use, it is simply for yourself.

Keeping track of your sales is just a lot easier when you have a bookkeeping system in place.

Below are 3 easy-to-use tools that you can download and use for keeping track of your own business. For more information on how to use these tools, click here.

1. Sales Record

This helps you keep track of what products you have sold to which customers. It is downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet for your own convenience.

2. Income Record

This is there to help you keep track of anything related to your business as Distributor that generates income for you. It is also available for download as an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Log

The log sheet is available for you to keep track of your expenses undergone while doing business. This can be used to claim tax benefits.

Please note that this has nothing to do with claiming from the company, it is for your own personal tax.