Selling is easy. You don’t have to be a big corporate company’s top sales rep to sell Manna Health products.

Let’s see how easy it actually is…

Step 1 –

  • Do you have a family member or friend who needs to lose some weight?
  • Maybe, somebody you know rather well, has diabetes?
  • Or what about that one lady who is going through menopause?
  • And we all have that one colleague who is always complaining about how tired they are.
  • Not to mention that guy you know who has just bought a motorcycle because he is going through a midlife-Crisis…

I am sure you nodded “Yes” to at least 3 of these people mentioned above.

And that is the first step to selling products.

Step 2 –

The next step is realizing that you know have the ability to help them all with their problems. You have access to all the products as well as the information and training to go out and make a difference in their lives…

Step 3 –

The third step is to take action. Reaching out to these people and just talking to them about their health problems. You will be surprised to find how eager they are to speak to somebody about these problems – especially when they find out you can help them solve their problems in a completely natural way.

Step 4 –

Step number four is then giving them the information they need about how and why your products can help them.

This is where you use your tools like the product information guide, pamphlets, articles, and booklets. And don’t forget the most powerful tool you have – your own knowledge and experience from studying and using the products!